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Long Beach Hotel Kenting

To create a favorite tourist destination for consumers, professional service quality and a variety of theme activities, sculpt an international-level resort hotel.

The splendid sun, blue sky, clean beach, vast coast, and spring in all seasons make most people the first choice for leisure and vacation.

Starting from construction, taking materials from nature, caring for the surrounding environment, combining with the sea view and Long Beach, presenting exquisite and extraordinary housing experience and customized parent-child entertainment facilities, unique service and design will bring vitality and a new culture to customers Feel.

房型介紹 | ROOMS

Kenting Long Beach Leisure Hotel offers a variety of room types for travelers to choose from
View Room (One Double Bed or Two Small Beds)
Star corner room (Deluxe Queen/Double bed or double bed)
Family Room (Tatami Deluxe Double)
Junior Suite (One Double Bed)
Outdoor Garden Suite (Junior Suite/One Double Bed)

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Don't worry about not having enough schedule
Because we have helped you find the most suitable tourist attractions

A 5-minute drive from the hotel, with a night market every Tuesday
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Fu'an Palace

Most of the ancestors came from Quanzhou, Jinjiang and other places. Therefore, with the demeanor and appearance sculpture of the "Duke of the Land" in his ancestral home, it has been enshrined for 356 years and is the largest temple of the land in Taiwan.

Traveling against the wind, three minutes from the hotel
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Falling Mountain Wind Art Season

2020 takes the theme of traveling against the wind, with as many as 36 installation art, allowing visitors to learn more about local cultural stories.

Peach Blossom Love
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Sichongxi Hot Spring Season

The sparkling pink sea of lights, the bright and charming atmosphere makes people intoxicated.